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Minor Repairs

We don't do major system fixes. We do however do some minor repairs. These include:


NES 72 Pin Replacements – $25

Gameboy or other Game Battery Replacements – $20


Disc Cleaning - $3/per disc


We ask that you drop items off so that we can repair them and can call you when they are fixed.


We have a high end disc cleaning machine at each store location and can clean your discs for minor/medium scratches. We are not able to get deep scratches out. There is no warranty or guarantee on discs cleaned.


If your system is not functioning properly we can run some diagnostic tests for you to see if we can get it running free of charge. Bring your system in and we can take a look and see what might be wrong with it.


For major repairs we may be able to recommend a local repair technician to assist you. Please call one of our stores and ask.