5 Stores Nationwide

More Than Just Games

We carry games, movies, vintage collectibles and much more at each store.


Why Choose Retro Games Plus

Retro Games has 3 locations in Connecticut located in Norwalk, Orange and Newington and 2 locations in California located in Huntington Beach and Redondo Beach.


Retro Games Plus was created out of an avid love of video games and vintage toys. Our mission is to create a store that is a time capsule back to the vintage days of the 80s and 90s and that can rekindle the fond memories we have of that time period.


Each Retro Games Plus Store is a personalized experience that is a tribute to the classic games that many of us grew up playing. While today many games can be bought online we feel that being able to visit a store and talk about games and vintage collectibles, search for titles and get a guarantee on your games is something that should never go away.