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Ship your Games and Get Paid Online

While we love to be able to take trades at our stores in person we realize that is not always possible. For customers not nearby to one of our retail locations you can now Ship & Sell!


Get a quote, ship your old games, consoles and accessories online and get paid fast. We accept all types of games and systems from Atari, Super Nintendo to Switch and PS5. We will take all size collections from a few games and systems to large collections. 


We are an experienced and trusted buyer and seller with over 15+ years in the business.

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What items qualify for Ship & Sell?

We are currently accepting quotes for Video Games & Systems


Retro Video Games

We buy everything from Atari and up. Cartridge, disc and boxed games.

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Modern Video Games

We buy Xbox Series X, PS5 and Switch games and consoles

Gaming Consoles & Accessories

We buy all gaming systems & handhelds. Must be working



Email us a list of all the games you would like to sell (minimum trade value of $50)

We will respond back to you within 24-48 hours with a price quote


We send you a FREE shipping label to ship your items


Once the items arrive at our shop we will send you payment via Paypal or check within 1-2 days

Ship to:

Retro Games Plus - Ship & Sell

17431 Beach Blvd

Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Terms & Conditions

Everything is to be in overall good working condition. Only North American (NTSC) products (no PAL or other regions) . Broken or non-working items will receive no credit - please make sure all items are in good working condition and discs are not heavily scratched.


We reserve the right to refuse to buy anything for any reason. All transactions are final, we do not return damaged games or systems. Your quote is valid as long as you ship your package(s) within 3 business days from this quote. If packages contain an outdated, unapproved price list and/or no price list, then our current prices will be applied.


Consoles prices are based on the console having all cords and 1 controller. (if items are missing price quote may be discounted)

Disc based games and NDS/3DS games are based on being complete with case and manual. Loose games will be discounted